Meetings, ConCalls and discussions are the inherent need of coordinated activities. Meetings between individual teams, cross functional teams, project teams with internal and external stakeholders; all play an important role. Emerging out of inter-departmental meetings and discussion, Action Points are drafted out at the conclusion which serve as directives towards the defined meeting objectives.

  1. In a traditional workspace, the activities undertaken in response to these objectives, their updates and current status are only gauged through follow-up meetings. The Action Taken Report is a system designed to minimize the need for follow-ups meetings by giving an updated status from the system.
  2. The Action Taken Report is a means for the action groups and their members to allocate and update their activities against their deliverables and offer a comprehensive view of actions and status towards the objectives.
  3. Creating tasks and assigning them to various departments and sub-assigning them to individual team members creates a well-defined task allocation across the hierarchy with escalation matrices. As the team members update on tasks, the overall status of completion also gets updated. This helps the management and the team leaders to monitor progress on a routine basis.
  1. The ATS tool is aimed at improving efficiency and accountability among team members while ensuring that there is proper distribution of tasks. It also reflects as a repository of activities, actions in response and overall status.
  2. Starting point for resource planning and utilization to initiate any corrective action towards allocation of resources or reassignments of people based on actual utilization and efficiency.

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