Retail PRO

eCommerce has been the biggest change drive in the retail space in India over the last 5-7 years. Coupled with the growing penetration of mobiles and mobile internet in India, eCommerce companies have been successful in reaching out to the most remote customers and challenged traditional retail practices.

  1. Consumers have also shown a preference to mobile app based purchasing. While the eCommerce giants have offered the Market Place platform for smaller retailers, it comes at a high usage cost ranging from 14 -20% of the value. This can be prohibitive in the long run and limits the usage. To extract the most out of the shift of the consumers towards eCommerce, there is a need to shift the entire retail chain into the digital domain.
  2. RetailPro is a proprietary eCommerce product from MobiTrail designed as a digitization solution across the B2B2C retail chain offering eCommerce-as-a-Service.
  3. RetailPro has the unmatched ability to deliver value propositions to all key players in the retail business. So whether you are a Manufacturer, a major Distributor for a particular geography or a consumer looking for the right product at the right price; RetailPro has the answer to your needs.
  1. As a scalable option capable of operating in a single or multi-location environment, RetailPro offers seamless access to SKU data in real time for a streamlined B2B experience. Distributors have the facility to set their pricing matrices for the SKUs and bulk purchase slabs and discounts from the back end in real-time.
  2. The system is designed to track all orders and payments entered into the system. Invoices can also be created from the system. RetailPro offers a Sales dashboard and Analytics for operations run through the system. The analytics can not only indicate sales figures, but also consumer trends in terms of SKU/Product preference and ordering behavior.

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