The M-BOT from MobiTrail has been conceived with this very simple idea to provide information or run a complete workflow in an interactive chat format is far more engaging and satisfying experience for the customer.

M-BOT has been developed with the goal to help simplify and reduce the dependency on human interaction. It offers the flexibility to perform multiple operations and activities without human intervention and pass on a query to a human support if a query is not addressed by its own knowledgebase. The BOT indirectly reduces the number of people required for supporting customers and can have a direct impact on efficiencies as well as costs.

Key Features:

  • Ability to auto initiate.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Availability of Live Agents
  • Live Agents can respond using a mobile app.
  • Support for HR, Admin, and IT queries.
  • Ability to Broadcast multimedia files and documents.
  • Inbuilt Dynamic Survey module available.
  • Feedback/Rating Mechanism based on the response
  • In-app Notifications module is available.
  • View employee chat history.
  • Multimedia Response (Simple Text, Text & Image available).
  • Integration with Third-Party APIs/ Systems and Training for its required Intent.
  • Analytics Module is available (Answered Queries, Unanswered Queries, and User Rating).
  • BOT Widget SDK for easy integration with external web portal/ websites.
  1. Apart from the user benefits, the BOT also offers a whole herd of statistics and data which is pivotal in understanding user behaviour and preferences apart from the BOT performance.
  2. a. Number of queries and successfully responses
  3. b. Number of Failed actions to further train the BOT for better response handling.
  4. c. Overall usage patterns, key word analysis and user service preferences.
  5. On an overall, MobiTrail has successfully managed and deployed BOTs that are catering to customer queries regarding product and financial details, handling technical queries and resolution as a tech support BOT or pulling out sales and performance numbers from MIS.

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