In a typical scenario of a management meeting, creating a meeting transcript as an aid towards creating the minutes is a challenge.

Some organization follow the practice of holding meetings “On-record” with the audio available later for transcription and minutes.

Conversations – a new state-of-the-art offering from MobiTrail, is a meeting assistant application.

Designed to redefine the transcription space for meetings, Conversations is a worthy tool to create automated transcripts along with a unique tagging mechanism to map and track important agendas and discussions.

Key Features:

  • Voice to Text Transcription
  • Participant Tagging
  • Highlights and Markers
  • Professional Transcription
  • Listen to your meetings (Playback)
  • Data cataloguing


  • Digitized Meeting Records
  • Tagging of Users
  • Highlights and Markers for key agenda points

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