MobiTrail has its founding roots in the field of mobile gaming and has achieved its primary recognition in this field. As a company whose DNA has been games based on themes and contexts beyond pure entertainment, gamification comes as a natural fit.

What we bring to the table is the knowledge and experience to design and develop gamification concepts that can be applied to deliver the desired engagement with the audience and business outcomes.

Typically, our gamification concepts have been developed to deliver on objectives like:

  • Increased Engagement
  • Motivation and Rewards
  • Skill Development
  • Increased Productivity
  • Behavioral Change
  • Community Building

MobiTrail has taken up projects for gamification in varied fields such as:

Education: Quizzes, simulations, and interactive lessons.

Employee Training and Development: Interactive and motivating content that can simulate real-world scenarios, provide immediate feedback, and incentivize learning.

Marketing and Advertising: Interactive advertisements, loyalty programs, and branded games.

Customer Engagement and Loyalty: Enhance the customer experience, increase brand loyalty, and encourage repeat purchases through interactive engagement and rewards.

Productivity and Time Management: Help individuals and teams improve productivity and manage their time more effectively. E.g.: To-do lists, points, and progress tracking.

Sustainability and Social Impact: Promote sustainable behaviors and raise awareness of social issues like conservation resources, and recycling, and participate in community initiatives.

Financial Services: Help users manage their finances, set savings goals, and track spending. Rewards, challenges, and progress tracking motivate users to improve their financial habits.

Training and Simulation: Simulated environments and interactive scenarios help learners develop skills and decision-making abilities.

Employee Engagement and Motivation: Driving employees, fostering teamwork, and increasing engagement. It can involve challenges, competitions, and recognition programs.


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