Online Auction

Competitive bidding is a common procedure followed in organisation when it comes to sale or purchasing of assets to deliver maximum benefits to an organisation.

The Online Auction System is a refined format of the of the traditional ‘boli’ style bidding offering the bidding process for the bidders to place their bids in a transparent and convenient way through their mobile devices.

  1. The system is designed to deliver complete digitization experience from the bidder registration, auction uploading, bid management during the auction and a complete record of the bid progression for every lot under the auction. It works in both modes: i.e. Forward and Reverse Auction.
  2. Forward Auction:
  1. The auctioneers have the option to set the catalogue or requirements and the bidders can place their bids in accordance. As all bids can be placed remotely, the process is free of any cartels and has a proper Audit trail of bids available from the system. Through the competitive bidding process, the organization stands to achieve the best possible value for its items under sale or procurement.
  2. Reverse Auction:

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