SalesPro is the best in class Sales Tool has always been the preferred choice of Sales teams to map and track sales performance.

As a comprehensive Sales management tool, SalesPro is designed to track every potential and existing customer from the moment they enter the sales pipeline until the lead reaches its logical end. The details of interaction at every stage is captured and the quality of interaction is also measurable.

The biggest asset of SalesPro has always been Convenience:

  1. a) The smart allocation process to ensure that no leads are unassigned.
  2. b) The convenience for the sales team to check up on their assigned leads from their own mobile or tablet devices.
  3. c) The convenience for the business teams to harness the full potential of their CRM assets by giving every salesperson access without additional access licenses.
  4. d) Smart nudges, analytics and performance measurements to ensure the Sales team functions as one unit and towards a common goal.
  5. e) The Management team getting the convenience to track sales numbers and status from a Sales dashboard providing analytics and reports on key business indicators.
  1. SalesPro has been a winner all the way and as more and more businesses are adapting to safer human interactions and digital assets to replace physical processes by delivering on the most important aspect: Measurable Business Impact through Effective Sales.

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